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October 1998

Mohamed Shokeir (CEO, and Founder of Delta-Trade Group)

created JB-Collection which would later result in the creation of SAS-Egypt.

Opened 1st JB Collection

Opened 1st JB collection store at Abbas EL Akkad

January 2003

SAS-Egypt was founded

SAS-Egypt was founded, and JB-Collection was managed through SAS- Egypt as our first and only original brand

January 2004

Guess Accessories

Opened 1st Guess Accessories store in City Center Maadi.

We became a Franchisee

For Guess, Guess by Marciano, Guess Kids.

September 2005

We became a regional shareholder with Variety Multimedia. We partnered up with Azadea Group. We became a Franchisee for ESPRIT, and Morgan

  • New Guess Accessories stores

  • City center Alexandria

  • First Mall

  • Mohandesin

  • Morgan, store at City Stars

  • Espirit, store at City Stars

January 2006

We became a Franchisee for La Senza, & Red Earth for Make-up

  • Guess Accessories, Korba

  • Guess, Marina

  • Guess, City Stars

  • La Senza, City Stars

  • La Senza, City Center Alexandria

  • La Senza, San Stefano Mall

  • Morgan, City Center Alexandria

  • Espirit, City Center Alexandria

  • Espirit, San Stefano Mall

  • Red Earth, City Stars

January 2007

We became a Franchisee for Terranova, la Senza Girl, and Peter Murray.

  • Guess, City Center Alexandria

  • Guess, San Stefano Mall

  • Guess by Marciano, San Stefano Mall

  • Guess Kids, San Stefano Mall

  • La Senza, Maadi City Center

  • Morgan, San Stefano Mall

  • Morgan, City Center Maadi

  • Morgan, Mohandesin

  • Espirit, City Center Maadi

  • Terranova, San Stefano Mall

  • Terranova, Mohandesin

  • Petter Murray, Mohandesin

  • Petter Murray, City Stars

January 2008

  • La Senza, Mohandesin

  • La Senza, Assuit

January 2009

We became a Franchisee for Calliope, and Bossini.

  • La Senza, 6TH of October

  • La Senza Girl, 6th of October

  • Morgan, 6th of October

  • Terranova, City Center Maadi

  • Calliope, San Stefano Mall

  • Calliope, City Center Alexandria

  • Calliope, City Stars

  • Petter Murray, 6th of October

January 2010

Shokeir group merged with Delta Trade Group.

  • Terranova, City Center Alexandria

  • Zara home, City Stars

  • Massimo Dutti, City Stars

  • Bershka, City Stars

  • Pull & Bear, City Stars

  • Stradivarius, City Stars

  • Punto Roma, Xanaka, Piatza italia, Pimkie, City center Maadi

January 2011

We became a Franchisee for Vinnci.

  • La Senza, Mansoura

  • Terranova, Mansoura

  • Vincci, City Center Maadi

  • JB collection, City Stars

  • JB collection, ELSeed St. Mohandesin

  • JB collection, City Center Maadi

  • JB collection, Alexandria

  • JB collection, Assuit

  • JB collection, San Stefano Mall

  • JB collection, 6th of October

  • JB collection, Mansoura

  • JB collection, Mall of Arabia

  • JB collection, Roxy

  • JB collection, Haram

  • JB collection, Tanta

January 2012

  • Terranova, Mall of Arabia

  • Calliope, Mall of Arabia

  • Vincci, Mall of Arabia

January 2013

  • Terranova, Hurghada Senzo Mall

  • Terranova, Cairo Festival

  • Vincci, Hurghada Senzo Mall

  • JB Collection, Cairo Festival Mall

January 2014

  • Terranova, Lebanon Street

  • Calliope, Cairo Festival

  • Vincci, Cairo Festival

  • Vincci, Mansoura

  • JB Collection, Hurghada Senzo Mall

January 2015

  • Calliope, Mohandesin

January 2017

  • Terranova, Tanta

  • Terranova, Mall of Egypt

  • Terranova, Abbas ElAkkad

  • Calliope, Mall of Egypt

January 2020

The brands we managed were Calliope, Terranova,& JB -Collection.

    January 2021

    We became a Franchisee for Joma.

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