El Sayed Shokeir

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Elshahat Shokeir


SAS’S Values

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity: in conducting business
Trustworthiness: Providing a pleasant, safe and comfortable retail experience
Professionalism:in terms of dealing with new and existing clients and investors
Quality: will always provide our clienteles with the top-notch shopping experience and service

SAS’S Mission & Vision

Our Mission

SAS-Egypt strives to Nurture a cosmopolitan Environment in Egypt. Every brand, every product, and every action we take reflects our desire to imbed progressive values and develop this country into a Cosmopolitan safe haven.

Our Vision

We intend to provide our customers with the best shopping experience, with an unmatched value in terms of quality and service while continuously evolving as an entity to meet the needs of our clienteles regardless the change that we could face.


SAS-EGYPT was a regional shareholder in Variety

SAS-EGYPT’ s partnership with Azadea Egypt,
franchisee for the below,

How it All Unfolded

It all began in the 1940s, with the launch of the first fabric and textiles shop in Mansoura by Mohamed Shokeir’s father. In late 1950’s, Mohamed Shokeir started working with his father at the age of 15 . 26 years later, he relocated to Port Said to start up his own private business, in which it has helped him establish a sole proprietorship for trading textiles, fabrics, accessories, & supplies.

At the end of the 1980’s, a solidarity company was established between the brothers Mohamed Shokeir & and El -Sayed Shokeir with the name of “Shokeir Company Group” for trading textiles , accessories, & apparel supplies with three branches located in Cairo, Alexandria & Port said.


The Road To Success

In 1991, Mohamed Shokeir & El-Sayed Shokeir established Startex, a factory in partnership with other holdings, with 50% of investment shares belonging to the Shokeir’s. Startex became one of the biggest Factories in Egypt for Apparel textile weaving, dying, and printing, with a factory land that of 26, 400 meter square and capital investments that surpasses 238 million EGP.
5 years later, in 1996 Mohamed Shokeir, established his sole organization named “Delta Trade Group” that specializes in importing, distributing, manufacturing & marketing of textiles, fabrics of all kinds, clothing and all their accessories with a paid up capital investment of 50 million EGP. Later this year, the trade mark JB – Collection was established under “The Shokeir Group”, a brand that covers a wide range of womenswear.
JB-Collection brand was a trade of epitome conservative elegance that was known in Egypt for being progressive, innovative and bold that offers high quality women’s clothing, that varied from casual wear to soiree dresses.

A Continuation Of Our Success

Moreover, JB-Collection was then transferred to Delta Trade Group Company under the management of Mohamed Shokeir the founder & El-Shahat Shokeir the current CEO.
Two years later, JB’s first two flagship stores opened at the World Trade Center at Kornish El Nile & ElAkkad Mall in Nasr City, and shortly after, JB opened 12 Flagship stores across Egypt Another year of success took place in the year 2003, SAS – Egypt for commercial agencies was established by Mohamed Shokeir & Elshahat Shokeir for the purpose of obtaining international brands Franchises with a paid up capital of 50 million EGP. ONE year later, SAS-Egypt became the franchisee of Guess in Egypt and opened its 1st Flagship store. Not only that but, in 2005, SAS-Egypt Acquired the franchise of Morgan & Esprit and became a regional shareholder alongside Variety Multimedia, the owners of Virgin Mega Store in Egypt.

The Victorious Timeline Of SAS

In 2006 SAS-EGYPT added more brands to their list with Red Earth for Make-up & LaSenza For Lingerie and the following year, it became the authorized franchisee of Terranova & Peter Murray reaching 30 branches under 7 international trade marks. However, in 2008, SAS-EGYPT Sold their Guess & Esprit franchise to El-Sawany Retail who were the franchisee of the trade mark in the MiddleEast at that time. Moreover, in 2008, Azadea Group the franchisee of Inditex, partnered up with SAS-EGYPT with the latter holding 20% of Azadea EGYPT capital investment.
In 2009 SAS-Egypt became the franchisee for Calliope.
In 2010, the Shokeir and Delta Trade Groups merged. The following year, SAS-EGYPT sold their shares in Azadea Egypt &Virgin Mega Store to Azadea’s Group. Furthermore, in 2011 SAS EGYPT became the franchisee for Vincci footwear, a Malaysian brand and SAS-EGYPT, still managed 30 Flagship stores for their international brands.
The brands under the umbrella of SAS-Egypt at that time were Terranova, Calliope, LaSenza, Vincci, Morgan, and JB-Collection.

Adapting To Consumer Needs

The trademark JB – Collection was sold and assigned in 2012 to the Shokier’s Group sister company SAS-Egypt, under the management of Elshahat Shokeir. Additionally, in 2013, La Senza separated from SAS-EGYPT, and a new company was established for operating the brand between the agent Liwa Group & SAS Group, with the name SAS-Liwa.
On top of that, the rise of many international brands gaining recognition, have caused the consumer’s interest and behavior to shift from consuming local to international brands, and in efforts to meeting their needs, SAS–EGYPT closed and converted all JB – Collection stores gradually into Terranova.

The Beginning Of a Bright Future

In 2017, all JB – Collection stores were completely converted to Terranova Flagship stores, and later this year, the Delta Trade Group alongside SAS Egypt built their own warehouse and their new administration headquarters on a 10,000 square meter stretch of land. The succeeding year, IN 2018 due to the circumstances of the currency’s floatation and the problems that rose, SAS-EGYPT decided to close down Terranova, and Calliope.

Last but not least, in 2021, SAS took the franchise of the Spanish sportswear brand JOMA, one of the most recognized athletic-wear brands in Europe, and the first flagship store will open in soon. Finally, into the bargain, SAS-Egypt has opened more than 70 Flagship stores in Egypt.