who we are

mission statement

  • We strive to introduce the Egyptian populace to a wide variety of international products, and seek to expand our international relations.

  • SAS-EGYPT seeks to nurture a cosmopolitan environment.

we believe in






  • SAS-EGYPT’s origins stem from of our sister company Delta Trade Group, which specializes in trading Textiles.

  • In 1998 Delta opened JB collection, which would later become the first brand we managed. JB collection sparked Deltas interest in creating SAS-EGYPT.

  • SAS-EGYPT has a 50% investment share in Startex one of the leading textile manufacturing companies.

our major achievements

  • SAS-EGYPT was a regional shareholder of Virgin Mega Stores in Egypt.

  • We had a partnership with Azadea, franchisee of Zara, Zara home, Bershka, Pull & bear, Stradivarius , Punto Roma, Piazza Italia, Pimkie, and Xanaka.

our keys to success

One result, Multiple reasons

  • Securing great store Locations : that offer high customer traffic for impulse purchases, while catering to desirable demographics in easily accessible, known destinations.

  • Understanding each brand’s target customer to ensure that the correct product mix is available to meet their needs.

  • Offering superior, personalized customer service to create a favorable reputation

  • Continuously monitoring inventory levels and making efficient/profitable adjustments as needed.

  • Educating and advising customers on proper fitting and the quality/value relationship of higher priced brands/merchandise.

  • Offering a variety of price points to ensure that all customers capabilities are met.

  • Following each brand’s exact guidelines in setups/displays of each store, to ensure protection of proper brand image.

our History


Mohamed Shokeir (CEO, and Founder of Delta-Trade Group) created JB-Collection which would later result in the creation of SAS-EGYPT.


SAS Egypt was founded, and JB collection was managed through SAS as our first and only original brand.


We became a Franchisee for Guess, Guess by Marciano, Guess Kids.

  • Opened first Guess Accessories store in City Center Maadi.


We became a Franchisee for ESPRIT, Red Earth, and Morgan.

  • Guess Accessories, City center
  • Guess Accessories,Alexandria
  • Guess Accessories,First Mall
  • Guess Accessories,Mohandesin
  • Morgan, City Stars
  • Espirit, City Stars


We became a Franchisee for La senza.

  • Guess Accessories, Korba
  • Guess, Marina
  • Guess, City Stars
  • La Senza, City Stars
  • La Senza, City Center Alexandria
  • La Senza, San Stefano Mall
  • Morgan, City Center Alexandria
  • Espirit, City Center Alexandria
  • Espirit, San Stefano Mall
  • Red Earth, City Stars


  • Terranova, San Stefano Mall
  • Terranova, Mohandesin
  • Petter Murray, Mohandesin
  • Petter Murray, City Stars


  • La Senza, Mohandesin
  • La Senza, Assuit


We became a Franchisee for Calliope, and Bossini.

  • La Senza, 6th of October
  • La Senza Girl, 6th of October
  • Morgan, 6th of October
  • Terranova, City Center Maadi
  • Calliope, San Stefano Mall
  • Calliope, City Center Alexandria
  • Calliope, City Stars
  • Petter Murray, 6th of October


Through our partnership with Azadea Group we launched, Zara, Zara home, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Punto Roma, and Piazza Italia, Pimkie, and Xanaka.

We became a regional shareholder of Virgin Mega Stores in Egypt.

  • Terranova, City Center Alexandria
  • Zara home, City Stars
  • Massimo Dutti, City Stars
  • Bershka, City Stars
  • Pull & Bear, City Stars
  • Stradivarius, City Stars
  • Punto Roma, Xanaka, Piatza italia, Pimkie, City center Maadi


We became a Franchisee for Vinnci.

  • La Senza, Mansoura
  • Terranova, Mansoura
  • Vincci, City Center Maadi
  • JB collection, City Stars
  • JB collection, Abbas ELAkkad
  • JB collection, ELSeed St. Mohandesin
  • JB collection, City Center Maadi
  • JB collection, Alexandria
  • JB collection, Assuit
  • JB collection, San Stefano Mall
  • JB collection, 6th of October
  • JB collection, Mansoura
  • JB collection, Mall of Arabia
  • JB collection, Roxy
  • JB collection, Haram
  • JB collection, Tanta


  • Terranova, Mall of Arabia
  • Calliope, Mall of Arabia
  • Vincci, Mall of Arabia


  • Terranova, Hurghada Senzo Mall
  • Terranova, Cairo Festival
  • Vincci, Hurghada Senzo Mall
  • JB Collection, Cairo Festival Mall


  • Terranova, Lebanon Street
  • Calliope, Cairo Festival
  • Vincci, Cairo Festival
  • Vincci, Mansoura
  • JB Collection, Hurghada Senzo Mall


  • Calliope, Mohandesin


  • Terranova, Tanta
  • Terranova, Mall of Egypt
  • Terranova, Abbas ElAkkad
  • Calliope, Mall of Egypt

From 2017 to 2020

The brands we managed were Calliope, Terranova, & JB-Collection.


We became a Franchisee for Joma.