Started 2007

Born in 1988, Terranova rapidly expanded all through Europe and the world and today it totals 539 points of sale distributed in 40 countries. A collection unbeatable in price & variety, Terranova epitomizes the ‘Italian Spirit’ capable of making the difference. Our marketing strategy is based on a good price/quality ratio and a constant research on the latest fashion trends in the main world capitals, which results in continuous fashion flashes making the products offered in our stores to be always appealing and modern. Facebook Fanpage


50 lebanon St. (02) 33035448
Maadi City Centre
(02) 25204383
Mall of Arabia
(02) 38260012
Cairo Festival City
(02) 26168087
Alexandria City Centre
(03) 3680291
Alexandria San Stefano Mall
(03) 4690159
Hurghada Senzo Mall
(065) 3464033
30 Al Gomhoreya, St. (050) 2354316/7